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Dec 24, 2019

President Hensley speaks to the nation this Christmas Eve.


President Hensley is played by Mya Schuwerk.

Twitter: @blackfridaycast


Dec 20, 2019

A discussion of blackness. 


Voices: Anairis Quinones; Cornelius Mohr; Jody Harvey; Whitney Johnson.

Music: Benjamin Banger; Broke for Free

Twitter: @blackfridaycast

Dec 13, 2019

The Reverend Terry Calwell takes your calls and answers your questions.

Voices: Elliot Gindi; Graham Rowat; Cornelius Mohr; Whitney Johnson; Jody Harvey; Ryan Laughton; Anairis Quinones.

Music: Benjamin Banger; Hinterheim; Silva de Alegria; Joseph McDade

Twitter: @blackfridaycast

Dec 6, 2019

A young tennis prodigy makes her professional debut.


Graham Rowat; Jordan Cobb;  Angelique Lazarus; Cornelius Mohr; Jody Harvey.


Benjamin Banger (New Horizons); XTaKeRuX (Rock It Forward).

Twitter: @blackfridaycast

Nov 29, 2019

CAUTION: This episode of BLACK FRIDAY contains a depiction of police violence involving a firearm. For a transcript of this episode, visit our website

A local man wakes up to find he has undergone a radical transformation.

Voices: Anairis Quinones; A.J. Beckles; Leslie Gideon;...